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Do you have a grace period?

  • Yes, there is a 10-minute grace period. If you are more than 15 minutes late your session/appointment will be cancelled. 


Can I reschedule?

  • Yes, you will have up to 48 hours before the session to reschedule IF the schedule allows. Please keep in mind there is a $25 rescheduling fee.


What is the turnaround time?

  • For portraits: Up to 3-7 business days

  • For Events, Weddings, Branding and Product: Up to 4 weeks


Can I get dressed at the studio?

  • Please arrive ready to photograph. Getting ready when arriving will cut into the session time. 

Can I arrive early?

  • Yes, you can arrive up to 10 minutes early. 

Does the session come with an outfit change?

  • Yes, there will be time for 1 outfit change. Please keep in mind the outfit change is a part of the timed session. Additional outfit changes will be $30 each.


Can I get a refund?

  • Deposits are nonrefundable. Deposits holds the date/time and covers the photoshoot cost. 


Can I pay in full?

  • Deposits are only required to book. 

  • For Portraits/In Studio: The remaining balance will be due the day of the shoot. 

  • For Events/Weddings: The remaining balance is due the day before the occasion.


What form of payments do you take?

  • I accept Cash App, Venmo and Website payment for bookings.

  • I accept Card, Cash App, and Cash for remaining balances.


Do you give out raw (unedited) files?

  • As a photographer I do not give unedited work.

What rights come with the digital images?

  • If the copyright release is not purchased then the digital images are only used for personal use, such as printing. Euphoric Phrames Photography LLC has full ownership of the digital images. 

Can I add any filters/edits to the digital images?

  • If the Copyright Release was not purchased, you can not add filters or other edits to the digital images. 

Can you postpone posting the digital images?

  • As a photographer I own 100% of the digital images unless client purchase Copyright Release. If asked, depending on business needs, I can honor waiting till the day of your choice for posting. Please keep in mind my work is used to promote myself as the business owner/photographer so if need to be I can post for business needs. 

How many poses will I get during my session?

  • We will have unlimited posing during the session.

Will you help with posing?

  • Yes, I will help with posing throughout the session. 

Do you provide Branding/Product sessions?

  • Yes, please fill out a contact form regarding the type of Branding/Product session you are interested in and I will reach out to you. 

Can I pick my final retouched digital images?

  • As the photographer, I select the best number of images that comes with the session from your liked selection to retouch for your final images. If you would like to pick your own final retouched digital images there will be a $100 fee.

Can I purchase additional digital images to my session?

  • Yes, additional retouched digital images are $20 a piece. Please keep in mind the additional cost is due the day of the session. 

Do you provide prints?

  • All digital images come with print release. 

  • You are welcome to go to any photo lab to print.

  • Having the digital files gives you the most freedom. You can use the photos for cards, calendars, prints, canvas, frames. Or simply make a beautiful slideshow or photo book. The key is not to leave the images on your computer/phone where you will never have the chance to view them.

Do you have a studio?

  • Yes, I provide in studio sessions. 

Do you photograph outdoors?

  • Yes, I provide outdoor/location sessions.

How many poses will I get?

  • During the session we will capture unlimited poses during the time frame. Poses will consist of sitting/standing and together/individual poses. 


Will I get to see the pictures from the session?

  • Yes, if time allows, we will view all photos taken after the session on the TV. 


How will the final retouched digital images be delivered?

  • All final retouched digital images will be delivered via google link. 

Do you provide the props?

  • Yes, I provide props according to the type of session.


Can I bring props?

  • Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own props to the session. 


Are the final digital images retouched?

  • Yes, all final images are retouched. Retouching includes whitening teeth, sharping eyes, skin smoothing, cropping, spot removal, etc.

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